About Me




My name is Toni and I am a visual artist, writer, photographer and full-time professional baker who likes bikes, plants, thinking about language, and talking to strangers; sometimes even giving presents to strangers.

I was born & raised in SoCal but now live in Oakland, California. I lived in Madrid for almost a year and wish I was still there. I came back because my family is here and they won’t all fit in my suitcase.

Here what I can do:

-bake like a madwoman

-write (short stories and articles mostly, you’ll find poetry on this site because it’s the only thing I’m not sketched out about posting)

-sorta draw & paint

-take okay photos

-forage for wild mushrooms and edible plants

-speak Spanish

-cut hair. Mostly my own, but if you live in the East Bay and want a haircut I accept payment in the forms of cash, beer, asada burritos from the Mi Rancho taco truck, and hugs.

Here’s what I want to learn how to do/improve at:

-get better at working on my bike

-Learn Italian (working on this now…yay!)

-improve my figure drawing


-fishing! I ❤ fish but it’s so expensive, plus there’s a history of fisherppl in my family and I want to carry that on.

-improve (a lot) at Photoshop




  1. Toni, I don’t know if you even look at this, but I’d like to connect with you. We met at Feel Good Bakery and I photographed you making pink Macarons. I hope to hear back from you. Vincent

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