Interview with a Free Spirit

There is no such thing as a Free Spirit.
Girls with owl tattoos at the Red Room are living proof of this.

A studded leather stool is the hot seat,
you’re the interviewer,
I’m the applicant,
but I don’t want the job.

This is practice.

How many times has that line worked,
and really, am I free?

Questions make cheap answers, so

I care so much about what other people think that sometimes I wonder if my life is really even mine.

Here, let me introduce you to someone.
She has a calligraphy tattoo of her dead cat’s name and writes for a music and fashion blog.
She’s totally real.
You know, one of those free spirits you like so much.
Now have fun, you two.

I’ll be over here in the corner feeling jealous of how free you are.


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