In Memory of a Good Guy

There’s really nothing like scrolling through the social media profiles
of people who have done horrible things.

You skim the article recounting all the awful deeds and impending punishment
then scroll through the comments, filtering,
searching for the X that marks the treasure, until finally,
some commenter writes,
Here’s a link to the bastard’s Facebook,
let’s all jam up his inbox
and tell him what he needs to hear
and again.

So you look.

How could anyone expect otherwise?

Look, but beware, that magnitude of sorrow sticks with you for life.

If you see too many fabricated moral, law-abiding lives shattered
false memorials forever embedded in the www’s elephant mind,
you could begin questioning the very existence of good,
or the very existence of existence.

So, then,

perhaps you shouldn’t look.


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