We Are Almost Dead

It’s really unsettling to be aware that you’re on the verge of your own destruction every minute of every day. No matter where you are, it’s impossible to be completely safe. There are dangerous things everywhere. There are germs everywhere. I’m writing this from my apartment which is in a building that would pancake in any earthquake bigger than just the tiniest little shake. Every time you drive on the freeway you could pop a tire or lose a wheel and go flying off an overpass or into another car. Anything you eat could be poisoned or full of killer E. Coli (sorry vegetarians, you’re not safe either. E. Coli comes from cow shit which is all over your greens, all the time.) Anyone standing next to you could be about to snap and go on a killing spree, with your proximity making you the perfect first victim.

Even if you choose to be “safe” and just stand in the middle of a barren field all the time, away from everything, a meteor could fall on your head, or you could get skin cancer from being out there all the time with no trees to protect you from the sun.

You could shut yourself inside your house all day and barricade yourself in your room and line the walls with mattresses to keep out any projectiles and wrap yourself in blankets and be eaten alive by flesh-eating bacteria. You could slather yourself in Neosporin to keep the flesh-eating bacteria away and suffocate your skin.

Every minute of every day we are almost dead.

We are no less almost dead than the minute we really are almost dead.


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